cctv surveillance Cameras in kampala uganda

cctv surveillance Camerascctv surveillance Cameras for everyone

Our state of the art cctv surveillance Cameras will give you a peace of mind, Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, facilities manager, general contractor, or even a homeowner, our team of experts and state-of-the-art security systems are ready to help protect your assets from theft.

We design, install and service security systems for businesses and homes in Kampala Uganda.

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Let us take care of everything to do with your website. From your website hosting, right through to your domain name and email. We know all these components intimately and how they fit together in an ever-changing landscape. Giving us ultimate technical responsibility means we can give you the best possible service when you need it most.

How Can I Manage My Business Online In Uganda?

Whether you are a small business manager/owner or just planning to invest in a new business, there are many reasons for you to embrace the growing need to put your business on the internet. Internet based Business services will help you market your business more easily to the world and more efficiently at that. Whether it is a small or new business, you can share information with everyone from every part of the world…thus making the world a village!
In the past, the growth of businesses was constrained by the limited spread of information and networking contacts. Businesses were practically attached to their physical address thus being closer to their customers and competitors too. Of course this had its own advantages such as being able to monitor competition and progress of other industry players; it enabled the owners to react more efficiently to changes in demand, competition and also to use dynamic ideas to maintain the position of the business in the particular industry. The internet has made everything a lot easier and faster. having a well designed website can make your work a lot more easier  Every business is given the opportunity to share business ideas with other competitors from all over the world.

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Easily display multiple images in a rotating slideshow


Display images in a fixed gallery format with popups.


Embed video from hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo


From simple profile links to embedded post feeds


Edit your site anytime you like using the WordPress CMS


Receive contact form submissions instantly by email


Show website visitors where you are located on a map.


Encourage visitors to subscribe to your site for updates

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why your business website should be mobile optimised

Mobiles are here to stay. Any and every business that wants to stay relevant has to think about going mobile.

According to study by Statistica, the number of mobile phone users across the globe is expected to reach 5.07 billion by the end of 2019. More than 80% of all internet users use a smartphone.

The bottom-line is that these statistics are only going to go up in the future towards mobile users. It’s high time for you to be thinking about going mobile.