HostGiant Limited is among the top website design companies in uganda

We are a professional, experienced and among the top website design companies in Uganda, and we ensure your website is functional, user-friendly, easy to navigate and attractive to online visitors. Through our expertise, knowledge, dependability and cost effectiveness, we successfully serve a broad range of business needs. Our goal is to provide unique website design solutions. As an experienced ugandan web design company, we strive to create the optimal experience for your online visitors while efficiently delivering the aesthetically and functionally distinguished results.

There are too many to list here, so just ask if you need something you can’t see!


 Easily display multiple images in a rotating slideshow


Display images in a fixed gallery format with popups.


Embed video from hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo


From simple profile links to embedded post feeds


Edit your site anytime you like using the WordPress CMS


Receive contact form submissions instantly by email


Show website visitors where you are located on a map.


Encourage visitors to subscribe to your site for updates

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HostGiant is one of the top Top website design companies in uganda

Top website design companies in uganda