We have experience installing most makes of CCTV camera systems. We only specify equipment from proven suppliers such as Dahua, Hikvision, Uniview, We can cover any size of project.

IP CCTV Installation​

An IP CCTV installation allows you to monitor your CCTV security systems with remote access for live video and playback on your smartphone, tablet or other internet-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.

CCTV Recording with NVRs (Network Video Records)

CCTV recording with network video recorders (NVRs) allows you to store massive amounts of high frame-rate data, boosting the clarity of your CCTV footage. NVRs can be searched both locally and over your network or remotely via your Smartphone or other IP enabled device (laptops, tablets etc.) as well as on traditional monitors. Easy to use search options allow you to search by time and date.

HD CCTV Cameras With Infra-Red Technology

HostGiant provide HD CCTV cameras from 1080p HD up to 4K quality. We can install High Definition camera systems to upgrade or replace your current system using your existing coaxial cabling. Our CCTV with infra-red technology greatly improves visibility of the system & connects to your broadband for remote viewing via a smartphone or tablet.

CCTV Repair & Maintenance Service

As well as providing a CCTV & surveillance system installation service, HostGiant also operates a CCTV Repair & Maintenance service. As part of the installation process we will draw up a comprehensive maintenance plan for your system, which you can take up upon completion as an optional extra. We can also inspect and service any existing CCTV System so you can be sure they are properly installed and maintained to the highest standards.